About us

Bærum Kennel was established in 1994 at Søndre Ståvi farm in Bærum, just outside Sandvika, by Peder Kielland and Katie Moriggi.

Both Katie and Peder have been keeping dogs for a lifetime and have extensive experience. They've both been active in dog sports, exhibitions, hunting and dog breeding, in addition to several dog club trusts.


At Ståvi farm there are long traditions of dog sports and dog breeding

Born and raised here are both Norwegian champions and "king trophy" winners in the gun-dog sport - with the legend Vorsteh dog Ståvi Snøgg in the lead. The breeders were Hans and Babs Borchgrevink. Their descendants Peder Kielland and Katie Moriggi, who's been running Ståvi farm since 1987, have continued on in their spirit.

Katie and Peder will take good care of your four-legged friend!

Welcome to Bærum Kennel.

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